Q: What is LMPT?
A: LMPT stands for Luke & Matt Production team. This is an animation team started by Luke and his cousin Matt at 2005 based at first solely on Metroid animation. This is the main site. The team now consists of Matt, Luke, Cpt.Glitch, and Draxacon. New Members soon. They are looking to expand to new sites and other programs.

Q: Is this site only for people who animate?
A No. You may join no matter what. We love our members. :) But, this site is based on Metroid so it would make sense to only join if you enjoy the game. But you may also join if you make animations.

Q: Why can't I do anything on the Main site?
A: The main site has no features or member login areas at the moment. That is one reason we created this forum.

Forum FAQs

Q: What do the User Ranks Mean?
A: User Groups and Ranks are two different things. Ranks are based on your post count. The higher your count the higher the rank. Once a high enough rank your user bar will change along with your rank. They help represent how you contribute here.

Q: What are the User Groups?
A: User Groups are special positions that certain members have. Some are staff related and others are warnings. (I.E. Banned) Bellow are the info on each group.

LMPT- Only the LMPT Owners get this. They get the highest control over the forum.

Commander-These are the admins of the forum. These ranks are earned, not given.

Chozo Warrior- These are similar to admins, but have less authority, this group is also earned not given.

Chozo Guardian- These are the "Super Mods" of the forum. The lowest of the global staff, but still has high powers.

Metroid Guardian- The basic Mods of the forums. They don't have global positions and only moderate certain sections. This position an be applied for.

Spriter- The Graphic Designers of this forum. This is not staff but these can help people with art requests. Can also be applied for.